What to do in Swan Valley

Swan Valley is one of the world’s best tourist attraction destinations. It is located in Western Australia in the upper regions of Swan River between Guildford and Bells Rapids. This region was first explored in 1827 by Captain Stirling, who was later chosen as the governor of Swan Colony, and since then, the number of tourists visiting Swan Valley keep on increasing over the years. This is because of the several tourist attraction sites in the said area. So if you visit this region, the following are the fun activities that you can engage yourself, your family or your friends in.

Visit Cuddly Animal Farm

At the Cuddly animal farm, you will be taught on how to care for the farm animals which include goats, sheep, and cows. This is important especially to farmers because they will be able to acquire new farming tips. You will have a chance of feeding them and also milk them and drink fresh milk from the farm animals while you have a picnic under the trees in that farm.


Wagon Rides

Australians are well known for their love of horses. When you visit Swan Valley, most of the tours around that place are done on horse wagons. It is quite an experience to ride on horses especially if you are not used to horses. If you do not know how to ride them, then you will have a chance to be taught.

Visit Swan Valley Wineries

There are very many wineries in Swan Valley; they include Lancaster Wines, Sittella, and Sandalford Wines. You will have an amazing experience touring these wineries because you will be taken for a tour around the vineyard farms; these tours are often done on the back of horses as you are given a brief history of Swan Valley and the winery. At the Perth’s Valley of Taste, you will have a chance of tasting the wines as much as you want.

Visit Swan Valley Wine and Food Trail

This is the place where you will get to enjoy Australia’s foods and wines. They have a variety of your own choice. Chocolates, ice cream, and nuts are also available in plenty. This can be a perfect place to spend with your company after a day of touring Swan Valley.


Visit Parks and Museums

There are parks and museums around Swan Valley that you can visit; most of them are just west Swan Valley. They include Motor Museum of West Australia; here you will see some of the first cars and tractors that were in used in Swan Valley. At Caversham Wildlife Park you will see kangaroos, llamas, possums, and wombats. You can take pictures with them and also feed them because they are tamed and friendly.

Visit Children’s Park

If you tour Swan Valley with children, then the perfect place for them is Whiteman Park. Here you will take a leisure stroll in the gardens, have barbecues for families, and have picnics too. Children will get to play, and if you have a dog, there is a dog park in Whiteman Park too.