The Mesmeric Splendor of Puerto Princesa Underground River

The exhilarating sense of the beauty of the Puerto Princesa underground river is beyond compare. The spectacle of palawan underground river is dreamy and almost like something one would expect to see in some Harry Porter’s movie. Visitors who have had the chance of witnessing this natural glamor up-close have said a lot about the untouched beauty of the cave and the calm, natural ambiance of its underground space.

The rushing waters and the ruggedness of the rocks complete the picture of perfect natural order. Without a doubt, this underground river is one of the most photogenic places in the world. The profundity of its attractiveness and the majesty of its history work together to make the river truly magnificent.

God’s Handwriting as Seen in Nature

Devout environmentalists believe that nature is God’s handwriting. The natural beauty of paddling underground river attests to this claim in the boldest terms possible. The geography of the place is quite different from anything ordinary. This is evident in the unique rock formations and the unbelievable symmetry of the sides of the cave.

One of the most remarkable thing about the underground river and the rocks is that they do not depend on any man-made structures for support and appearance. It is partly on this account that the river ranks highly among other UNESCO protected sites.

The Fauna of the Underground River

It is not only humans who cherish the awesome beauty of the underground beauty. The waters and rocks are teeming with wildlife of different kinds. You are sure to witness a flock of bats either flying about the darkened space or resting on the walls and roof of the cave.

This is also home to a particularly rare species of pythons that take special delight in the rocks, waters, and darkness. Giant monitor lizards, sea snakes, and monkeys are some of the animals that you are likely to see as you paddle along this World Heritage Site.

The World’s Longesbeacht Underground River

One reason why the people of Palawan, Philipines take special pride in Puerto Princesa underground river is that it holds the reigns as the world’s longest underground river. Tourists who flock to the site at different times of the year attest to the eminence of the river, particularly when compared to other attractions of a similar kind around the world.

Moreover, the beauty of this river is enhanced by the serenity of the surrounding lush vegetation and the welcoming nature of the inhabitants. Underground rivers have an exceptional appeal because of their aspect of difference and the impressive symmetry they portray.