Things to Consider while Selecting Camping Tents

Many people consider car camping with family or friends as one of the best pastimes, especially during summers. But whether it is your base camp or a camp on a beautiful location you will have to consider certain things, briefly discussed hereunder, while selecting camping tents.

Selecting a camping tent

Comfortable size

Your tent should provide you more comfort than just a shelter at your camping site. Youtents should feel comfortable and protected from bugs while taking a nap or just staying in it as it is the only lodge for you away from your home.

Its height should be enough so that adults can stand in it instead of crouching while moving in it. It should have a large screened window so that it can keep you comfortable during sun and safe during bad weather.

Resistant to storms

Along with keeping you comfortable your tent should also keep you safe if a storm comes suddenly due to bad weather conditions at the camping site.

So your tent should not only look awesome but also made of sturdy and waterproof tent materials so that it can withstand in any adverse condition. Most of the tents work well in light rains, but it should also be able to face heavy winds and rains.


The durability is another factor to be considered while selecting camping tents. The durability of your tent depends on the workmanship used for making it along with the quality of its materials. Though most of the campers try to buy quality tents, the quality of their materials and workmanship vary greatly.

Easy to Setup

The tent you buy for camping with your family or friends should be easy to set so that you can enjoy your vacation with them instead of spending lots of time in setting it up only. In fact, it should not take more than 15 to 20minutes to set up a tent completely including its stakeouts.

The size of pcamping tents acking

The packing size is another important factor to be considered while selecting tents for camping as you will have to adjust in your car along with various other things and persons with you.

You will be having limited space in your car so you should focus on the packing size of your tent to adjust it with all other things comfortably. So, you will be selecting camping tents easily by considering all the points discussed briefly in this write-up.