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Did you know that finding the right outdoor gear is not as easy as it sounds? Yes, it does not, and that is why you may spend a long time shopping and yet not get what feels right for you. However, there is an easy way to find the right gear for your outside events. The website, offthegridguru.com, is the answer to whatever gear you need for whatever outdoor activities. But why trust this site with your needs for outdoor outfits and other accessories? Here is why:

Up-to-date information

This is where you get tomorrow’s information today. If it is anything hot in the market, you had better look it here first before going anywhere else. No room for stale information because that would turn away readers from the site. In a nutshell, if it is not here do not bother looking for it in any other place.

A range of outdoor gear information

From flashlights, tactical tomahawks to military watches, this is the home to everything for a great outdoor experience. Whatever you need information about, it is all here just for you. Anything you do not find here it is probably not anywhere else.


Sincere reviews

Forget about the reviews intended to drive high sales, the reviews here are purely informational. They do not lean to any side. What is said here is the sincerest opinion from not only the site owner but also the views of many other customers. If you want information that will come in handy during the actual buying of your outdoor gear, it is all that you will get from the website that we have mentioned above.

Extensively researched information

The information here is not shallow; it is sourced from all authoritative sources and analyzed into fine details. It goes deeper into every piece of gear highlighting the pros and cons for easy buying choice.

Passionate articles

From the site’s owner words, he is passionate about outdoor activities. He has a passion for not only making sure he goes for outdoor events in the right gear but also wants to help all other people to make the right choice when that time comes. You could never get more passionate out-of-doors information than what you are being served with here.


Why you need the right gear for your outdoor adventures

• Your safety and security will always be on the check. Being in the appropriate outfit and having all necessary accessories will make sure no harm comes your way.

• It feels more comfortable being in the right attire. You will get into the outdoor fun without any limitations.

• You will not be the odd one out. If you are going for a group event, being armed with the right equipment will make you feel part of the group. Even if this is your first outing, no one will pick on you for inappropriate gear.
Every time you go out, it helps to be in the right outfit. You will be flexible and have the right equipment to make your experience worthwhile. Now that you know the place to get candid and sincere reviews, you will get it right with every choice and purchase you will be making from today onwards.

Tools That Can Help You Survive Outdoors

Many people like to spend time in the wilderness by going trekking, camping, and hunting. Most of the trips you make to these places will be adventurous and exciting, but there are some situations which can also be dangerous. It is, therefore, vital that you are prepared for any obstacle that you may face. Here are some tools that can help you make your time in the woods memorable.

The right blades

Knives come in many shapes and sizes, and without them, many types of kniveseven the most basic task can be very tough. A survival knife is not like the ones you have in your kitchen. They have been around for a while now and come with blades that range from 10 to 20 centimeters in length. These knives can be used for carving wood, cutting branches, skinning animals, and many other things.


When you start walking around in the forest, your feet need protection and also a firm grip on the ground. You cannot do this with everyday shoes or boots. Many people make the mistake of wearing runners or sandals when they go trekking, hunting or camping and end up with injuries caused by sharp wood, stones, and even bites from insects. There are specialized boots which are designed to protect your feet and give you a good grip, which you can purchase both in stores and online. Do not underestimate the value of quality footwear and never leave your home on such a trip without them.


The clothes you wear will depend on the climate in the area at the time of year. It is important that you check the weather forecast for the place before you start your journey and pack the appropriate clothing. Take clothes that will give you the required warmth at night and will also cover your body so that you will be protected from insects such as mosquitoes


person trying to start a fireThere are many other tools that you need to carry which include, flashlights, fire starters, tents, first aid kits, and other equipment that will help you during your trip. Do not take on a journey in a remote area if you are not in good health or are under medical supervision as this may make your condition worse and you will fall ill with no one close by to help.

Have your most memorable birthday celebration in Swan Valley!

Your birthday is coming up. Have you made plans yet? If you want something for a change, you can go ahead and celebrate your special day in Swan Valley. Yes, with good food and premium wines, you will definitely have a blast with your family and friends!

Swan Valley Wine Tour

women in partyA lot of people are taking advantage of a Swan Valley Wine Tour because of its convenience. If you have a specialist arrange your tour, all you have to do is to enjoy the ride and view as you go from one winery to another taking a sip of the most famous wines in the world. The good thing is, you will be able to request for an itinerary that is based on the places that you want to visit.

To guide you, here are the important things that you have to do when planning a Swan Valley Wine Tour for your birthday celebration.

Do a head count

First of all, you have to know how many of your friends and family members are going with you. It is important that you do a head count so you would know the number of seats that you have to reserve or the size of the vehicle that you have to book. Also, this will help you in setting a budget.

Set a budget

After you get an idea of the number of people who are joining the tour, it will be easier for you to set a budget. Make sure that you also set aside enough money for the extra activities that you want to do with your guests. This may include wine and food.

Find a tour company

When you are looking for a tour company, it is necessary that you compare the rates of several agencies as this will help you get the most value for your money. Also, it would be great if you can find a specialist that can arrange your itinerary basing on the things that you want to do and the places that you wish to see.

Select a transportation

catering Depending on the number of guests that you have on your list, you have to choose a vehicle that can accommodate all of you. It would be awesome if you can find one that has a form of entertainment so you and your guests can enjoy while you are traveling.

What to do in Swan Valley

Swan Valley is one of the world’s best tourist attraction destinations. It is located in Western Australia in the upper regions of Swan River between Guildford and Bells Rapids. This region was first explored in 1827 by Captain Stirling, who was later chosen as the governor of Swan Colony, and since then, the number of tourists visiting Swan Valley keep on increasing over the years. This is because of the several tourist attraction sites in the said area. So if you visit this region, the following are the fun activities that you can engage yourself, your family or your friends in.

Visit Cuddly Animal Farm

At the Cuddly animal farm, you will be taught on how to care for the farm animals which include goats, sheep, and cows. This is important especially to farmers because they will be able to acquire new farming tips. You will have a chance of feeding them and also milk them and drink fresh milk from the farm animals while you have a picnic under the trees in that farm.


Wagon Rides

Australians are well known for their love of horses. When you visit Swan Valley, most of the tours around that place are done on horse wagons. It is quite an experience to ride on horses especially if you are not used to horses. If you do not know how to ride them, then you will have a chance to be taught.

Visit Swan Valley Wineries

There are very many wineries in Swan Valley; they include Lancaster Wines, Sittella, and Sandalford Wines. You will have an amazing experience touring these wineries because you will be taken for a tour around the vineyard farms; these tours are often done on the back of horses as you are given a brief history of Swan Valley and the winery. At the Perth’s Valley of Taste, you will have a chance of tasting the wines as much as you want.

Visit Swan Valley Wine and Food Trail

This is the place where you will get to enjoy Australia’s foods and wines. They have a variety of your own choice. Chocolates, ice cream, and nuts are also available in plenty. This can be a perfect place to spend with your company after a day of touring Swan Valley.


Visit Parks and Museums

There are parks and museums around Swan Valley that you can visit; most of them are just west Swan Valley. They include Motor Museum of West Australia; here you will see some of the first cars and tractors that were in used in Swan Valley. At Caversham Wildlife Park you will see kangaroos, llamas, possums, and wombats. You can take pictures with them and also feed them because they are tamed and friendly.

Visit Children’s Park

If you tour Swan Valley with children, then the perfect place for them is Whiteman Park. Here you will take a leisure stroll in the gardens, have barbecues for families, and have picnics too. Children will get to play, and if you have a dog, there is a dog park in Whiteman Park too.

5 Principal Reasons You Should Consider Going On A Health Retreat

Wellness retreats are a relatively new concept in travel and vacation getaways. However, this subject is steadily gaining popularity across different populations. As such, health practitioners, nutritionists, and physicians are progressively encouraging adults to consider going for The Palms Retreat with the intention of helping them flux toxins and neutralize the effects of the external environment of their wellbeing. Here is a closer look at the force behind this trend.

Personal Focuslake

Well, most people are always on the go with action-packed schedules trying to make end meet. As such, they end up doing practically nothing to improve their health or rejuvenate their spirits. However, instead of concentrating on your career, social circles, you also need to focus on yourself and restore what needs to be restored. Wellness retreats offer you quality time to examine yourself and quality environment to reconnect with your inner self.

Gain Personal focus

When we feel burdened, it is evident that there is something amiss with the mind. As such, the moment we get away from the troubles and demands of life, we give our minds a chance to clear. Consequently, you feel restored, rejuvenated and with the right mindset. Ideally, this is all about doing away with old habits and replacing them with healthy and objective ones.

Ability to share insights with like-minded people

For a fact, you are certainly not alone in your quest to better your health. Thus, a health retreat provides you with a chance to interact and learn something from people with similar predicaments or those with similar intentions as yours. However, there is always no pressure to this if you are convinced you can achieve it on your own.


There might be a health concern that wears you down. This could be weight loss concerns, getting fit or the need to cool down your brain through distinct relaxation techniques. As such, you might want to focus on that particular need. A health retreat provides you with that opportunity to concentrate on target topics and deal with all underlying issues.

Learning Experience

Some health retreats present plenty of learning opportunities for the participants. Besides just health, you can also learn a couple of other things like yoga, stress management, healthy eating, and cooking along with other healthy subjects. To achieve all this, you need to clarify your objectives and needs and plan accordingly.

Things to Consider while Selecting Camping Tents

Many people consider car camping with family or friends as one of the best pastimes, especially during summers. But whether it is your base camp or a camp on a beautiful location you will have to consider certain things, briefly discussed hereunder, while selecting camping tents.

Selecting a camping tent

Comfortable size

Your tent should provide you more comfort than just a shelter at your camping site. Youtents should feel comfortable and protected from bugs while taking a nap or just staying in it as it is the only lodge for you away from your home.

Its height should be enough so that adults can stand in it instead of crouching while moving in it. It should have a large screened window so that it can keep you comfortable during sun and safe during bad weather.

Resistant to storms

Along with keeping you comfortable your tent should also keep you safe if a storm comes suddenly due to bad weather conditions at the camping site.

So your tent should not only look awesome but also made of sturdy and waterproof tent materials so that it can withstand in any adverse condition. Most of the tents work well in light rains, but it should also be able to face heavy winds and rains.


The durability is another factor to be considered while selecting camping tents. The durability of your tent depends on the workmanship used for making it along with the quality of its materials. Though most of the campers try to buy quality tents, the quality of their materials and workmanship vary greatly.

Easy to Setup

The tent you buy for camping with your family or friends should be easy to set so that you can enjoy your vacation with them instead of spending lots of time in setting it up only. In fact, it should not take more than 15 to 20minutes to set up a tent completely including its stakeouts.

The size of pcamping tents acking

The packing size is another important factor to be considered while selecting tents for camping as you will have to adjust in your car along with various other things and persons with you.

You will be having limited space in your car so you should focus on the packing size of your tent to adjust it with all other things comfortably. So, you will be selecting camping tents easily by considering all the points discussed briefly in this write-up.

Benefits Of Using LinkedIn For Professional Career

The world has trended into a village of connections. Getting linked with people with a potential of helping you should be an ambition of everyone. LinkedIn is a site that was started with a sole aim of connecting employees with potential employers. Moreover, it represents an opportunity for individuals to upload their profiles and resumes.

To make it more interesting, employers can post recent job openings they might have. The following are benefits of using LinkedIn for a professional career.

Benefits of using LinkedIn for career

Creation of shareable content

LinkedInAn individual can create content about their resume. The content can be shared by viewers and expand the chances of getting connected with a potential employer. LinkedIn gives the opportunity of creating content of different formats such as Slide share, infographics among others. This helps in making the viewing preferences appropriate to the intended audience as well as making one’s resume viral.

Get connected and build relationships

LinkedIn works in a similar way as any other social site. It focuses mainly on networking but clearly concentrates with professionals and businesses. LinkedIn gives an individual a decent search feature where he or she can get connected with potential employers. This improves the number of people that one can reach in a particular industry. However, people are advised to use ‘connect requests’ to build healthy relationships that can influence their career.

Facilitates building of trust

An individual can build trust among potential employers. This is made possible by joining available professional groups and becoming an active participant. This makes the person to give relevant inputs into various discussions that help him or her in gaining recognition. Furthermore, portraying sanity and flawlessness during the discussions attracts employers. This gives an individual mileage. Specialists recommend that one can start discussion topics it then groups.

Personal benchmarking

benchmarkingUsing LinkedIn to build a personal career can be easier than we think. An individual can view other people’s posts and reviews and compare their experience and knowledge with his. This keeps one on toes and ensures that the right personal information is uploaded. Also, one can monitor changes in his industry that are posted by other people. This helps in ensuring that the individual is well informed and is keen in potential interviews.

Get found

People use LinkedIn for one paramount reason: to enhance getting found by a potential employer. Moreover, people use LinkedIn to search people that may be of use to them either personally or professionally. If an individual wants to be found for either of the two reasons, they can create a profile, fill in the necessary information and get found.

Choosing A Boating Trip Company In Tongarra Island

Tongarra islands are one of the best places where you can visit. This is a place where you can enjoy adventures alone, as a group or with your family members. The many adventures you can enjoy here is what has made the islands favorite among many adventure lovers. Having a tongarra sailing adventure  having a boating trip. Getting a boat is not a big problem since many companies offer cruising vessels. All you need to do is to choose the best sailing company to provide you the services.

What it takesboat

When you are looking for the best boating trip company, there are certain factors that you must consider. It is after reviewing these factors that you will get the best one.


One of the factors that you need to check is the level of status that a particular company has in this industry. You do not want to hire a company that will disappoint you or have a bad experience as you enjoy your trip. The best way to understand the kind of name that your potential company has is by checking online reviews and recommendations from people who have hired the different boating trip companies in Tongarra islands.

Experience in offering boating industry

When choosing a sailing trip company in Tongarra islands, it is necessary to consider their experience. With a company that has been in this industry for a long time, you can be assured of getting the best experience as you enjoy your tour in Tongarra islands. If you find a company with many years, it also shows that adventure lovers have trust and confidence with such a company.


old boatYou need to look for a boating company that charges the most affordable price for their services. Do not go for the cheapest ones and at the same time avoid the most expensive ones because high price is not a guarantee of high-quality services. Besides, check that there are no hidden costs involved, so get a service that offers full quotation of the overall cost.

Insurance cover

With the uncertainties and variation in weather patterns, there is a likelihood of suffering accidents in anything you do. When choosing a boating trip company in Tongarra islands, you should only work with one with an insurance cover. This will ensure that you are protected in case of accidents that might occur as you enjoy your trip.

Getting married in Long Island? Pick the best wedding officiant

Getting married is something that couples are very much looking forward to as this marks a new chapter in their life. So, if you are one of the excited brides-to-be or grooms-to-be, it is but natural for you to be quite eager to work on every detail of the big day. One of the most important things that you have to do is to look for a wedding officiant in Long Island. Click on iwedall.com to learn more.

Finding the best wedding officiant in Long Island

weddingOftentimes, the ambience of a wedding ceremony and celebration is not just all about the decorations, foods and drinks, entertainment, and attires, but also by a good wedding officiant. For this reason, it is necessary that you pick the best officiant that can make the occasion more romantic and livelier.

In Long Island, there are several individuals whom you can choose from if you are looking for an officiant for your wedding day. But the thing is, they are not equal when it comes to their capabilities. Some are competent while some are not. Therefore, before you pick up the phone and set an appointment with a wedding officiant, you have to do research first. Hiring the first one that you will find is not always advisable. Instead, you need to look for the best.

Follow these pieces of advice when looking for the best wedding officiant in Long Island.

Seek recommendations from married couples

The very first step that you have to make is to ask your friends and relatives who got married in Long Island. Did they like the officiant that they have chosen? Was the individual successful in making the celebration interesting to the guests? Did they find the celebration memorable? These are just some of the important questions that you have to ask from people you know. As you ask around, you have to take note of the names that will be recommended by your friends.

Choose the one with the most number of positive feedbacks

Before you pick an officiant for your wedding, you have to make a comparison basing on the information that you have gathered from your friends and family. And then, pick the one who have the most number of positive feedbacks.

Contact the wedding officiant that you have chosen

wedding ceremony After a careful review, you can go ahead and call the wedding officiant that you have chosen. Ask for his or her availability as well as the cost of service. If everything sounds good, then you can set up an appointment so you can start discussing the details of your wedding.

Lyft Promo Code Guide – Update For June 2016

Many people are aware of the lyft promo code guide. Lyft and Uber have been in a tight battling for control of rideshare market for a long period. Without many details, the two have been cutting prices at a record rate for quite some time. In 2016, lyft is taking a step back. To bring down the long story, the lyft drivers have the opportunity of making more than 25% as compared to the competitors. Learn how to get the code at https://rydely.com/lyft-promo-code-free-ride-credit-coupon-guide. The passengers are enjoying free credits on a ride worth $20 to $ 50. In fact, the company is testing different amount in various cities. With that, no price is guaranteed because the amount of each city cannot be established clearly.

Lyft promo code guide

Whoever is looking for the 2016 lyft promo code guide, this is the right place to find it. The guide covers the following subsections;

Meaning to the passengers

A passenger is going to enjoy high crediLyftt than before. He or she will as well expect the drivers to be extra friendly. Lyft strives to be affordable compared to other means. They offer huge incentives for the new users so as to try platform and as well provide rock star experience which the new and existing users may never forget. They promise to update this on a regular basis, with this, passengers are encouraged to learn more.

New Lyft promo codes

This page is regularly updated so as to ensure passenger’s money are saved. There are some new codes which the passengers are likely to love for their next ride. They are two;


This is the code which is giving new drivers access to some huge sign on bonuses which is being offered to all new drivers. The driver’s promotions are worth $ 750 in maximum. They are good in many different cities. This is a great promotion for drivers to check out.


This promoLyft 2 code is a new user coupon code which gives riders credits on their personal account for up to $ 50. This is a new web hosting company which at some time partnered with lyft. The credit is so good for the user. The promo code is available in various cities. One can either enter individual coupon with the Lyft App after downloading the App.

When the promotions hit individual’s account, one is going to receive 1st free ride on the house. The two are the two promo codes found so far. More are going to be added to the lyft promo code guide. In the meantime, people should enjoy the 2 for up to mid-2016

Planning for a vacation? Check out the villas for rent in Phuket

Looking forward to your upcoming trip to Phuket, Thailand? Congratulations! You have chosen a perfect holiday destination that can provide you with memorable experiences as you go out and see the world. Phuket is a gorgeous place that would definitely provide you with the opportunity to enjoy everything that Thailand has to offer to all tourists.

Planning for a vacation

beachGoing for a holiday is absolutely exciting. However, there are several things that you have to do before your departure. One of the most important things that you have to look into is the reservation of your hotel or accommodation. You can consider renting a villa which comes with all the facilities that would give you all the comfort. Check out Phuket Luxury Villas and see the best in Thailand.

Search for villas for rent in Phuket

You will find a lot of villas for rent in Phuket. Most of these holiday accommodations showcase elegant rattan furniture. They also come with telephones, computers and printers, refrigerator, air conditioning units, and other appliances. Most importantly, villas for rent in Phuket offer privacy and spectacular views of the beach.

Searching for villas for rent in Phuket can be a daunting task if it is your very first time to visit the place. But if you know exactly what to look for, it will be a lot easier for you.

Here are the essential factors that you need to consider as you search for villas for rent in Phuket.


The villas in this particular destination are situated in different places. So, you have to determine the location that you want depending on your lifestyle. Most of the villas for rent in Phuket can be found on secluded beaches and close to the tourist spots. If this is the location that you choose, you will be able to save some cash in transportation since you can just walk when you are sightseeing. It is crucial though that you select a safe location so you won’t have to worry about your belongings that you will leave behind when you go out.



When reserving a house, you also need to check the services offered. After a long day of touring, you would want to go back to an accommodation wherein you can relax and enjoy delicious meals and spa treatment.


Before you finally make the reservation, it is necessary that you set a budget too and find something that is affordable. It is true that higher cost is usually synonymous with higher quality, but if you are diligent in researching, you will surely find villas for rent in Phuket that suits your budget and needs.

Why Your Next Diving Trip Should Be To Palau

If you’re a diver looking for new and exciting bodies of water to explore, Palau should be first on your list of places to go. Just south of the Philippines is an archipelago about 100 miles long known as Palau. Scuba diving in Palau is one of its main sources of revenue, with more than 20 locations to get you geared up and on a boat quickly and efficiently. A recent study found that over 40,000 divers make the journey to this island each year, usually to get a chance to swim with a shark.

Diving culture in Palau

As described above, the island is most famous for its fantastic scuba diving, and opportunities to come face to face with aDiving culture in Palau shark. The Blue Corner is a world famous dive site with fast currents and many shark families. Much live aboard boats dock in Palau on a regular basis, where people park momentarily to make the island their home. As well there are tours that can take you to the remnants of World War Two battlefields, allowing you to dive down and explore sunken ships and massive debris.

The Blue Corner

The Blue Corner hosts such a complex and unique group of wildlife, that diving there twice will never yield the same experience. This advanced dive overwhelms you with the amount of variables going on; the fast currents will push and pull like a powerful wind. Once you’ve regained balance and are floating still, gray reef sharks will fly by, getting closer to you the more you can float without moving too much. If you find yourself too relaxed, the different fish schools and feeding frenzies will keep you on your toes and constantly looking around. This dive is full of life and exciting every time.

Jellyfish lakes

Beyond the Blue Corner, lakes with an overabundance of Jellyfish are world renowned. This is an excellent opportunity to take things slow, and float with a creature that usually should be avoided. Due to the lack of predators, these jellyfish have evolved not to need stingers, meaning tourists can dive and swim around these strange and unique creatures.

When is the best time to go to Palau?

If you planDiving to go to the Blue Corner, ensuring you pick a period with an abundance of sharks is critical for an amazing dive. The months of March and April are usually the perfect temperatures to see sharks, as their numbers are usually dependent on faster current and cool water.

Whether you’re an experienced diver looking for a challenge or just want to float with jellyfish, Palau is a great island with unique sites to see no matter what you goals are. Scuba diving in Palau allows you to experience sharks, powerful currents, sunken ships, and evolving jellyfish. Happy diving!

Renting a Holiday Home Safely And With Serenity

When summer approaches, it comes with a buzz aimed at drawing your attention towards your vacation. Unfortunately, we wake up to headlines or trending topics on fraud targeting homeowners.

As such, some of the mishaps common to summer vacations include hacked email addresses and renting abstract villas. As such, most tourists have to stand to these disappointments during vacation. Well, there is no need to let these disappointments stand between you and your dream holiday.

Tips To Rent a Holiday Home

Cross Information on the Internet

First, find an online description of a house that could meet your vacation needs. With some options, cross check on thgardene owners website to ascertain if this home will indeed address your vacation interests. Moreover, you can also look if it is described in great rental websites. Ideally, serious homeowners will always advertise their homes in popular websites. Some of these posts will reveal how long the owner has been offering these services. Notably, this serves as an assurance that the owners offer premium vacation experience.

Contact the Owner

Online, popular travel blogs and websites often provide homeowners details. As such, with your preferred choice, it is advisable to communicate with him or her and present your concerns before committing your funds. Obviously, this does not eliminate all chances of fraud but presents you with a rare chance of asking all questions you might have.

Ask For the Physical Address

As you ascertain the authenticity of the owner, remember to ask him or her for their physical address. From there, you can google and see if indeed actually lives there. Moreover, you can ask him for personal details like his identity card and the professional details. Any credible owners will have nothing to hide from you.

Ascertain the Means of Payment

canal and gardenWhen searching for a vacation rental, you will find homeowners with different rates. Some of them are realistic whereas some of them are too good to be true. With a reasonable offer, you can commit yourself to paying like 30% of the total cost. Pay with a credit card, PayPal, bank transfer. Pay using an option that is completely protected.


Tour the Property

Before paying, it is advisable to visit the property and ascertain if the information you have matches with the reality. As such, you can always inform the owner of any disparities before you start your vacation. For expensive rentals, you can consider having cancelation insurance, particularly if the rental is expensive.