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Lyft Promo Code Guide – Update For June 2016

Many people are aware of the lyft promo code guide. Lyft and Uber have been in a tight battling for control of rideshare market for a long period. Without many details, the two have been cutting prices at a record rate for quite some time. In 2016, lyft is taking a step back. To bring down the long story, the lyft drivers have the opportunity of making more than 25% as compared to the competitors. Learn how to get the code at The passengers are enjoying free credits on a ride worth $20 to $ 50. In fact, the company is testing different amount in various cities. With that, no price is guaranteed because the amount of each city cannot be established clearly.

Lyft promo code guide

Whoever is looking for the 2016 lyft promo code guide, this is the right place to find it. The guide covers the following subsections;

Meaning to the passengers

A passenger is going to enjoy high crediLyftt than before. He or she will as well expect the drivers to be extra friendly. Lyft strives to be affordable compared to other means. They offer huge incentives for the new users so as to try platform and as well provide rock star experience which the new and existing users may never forget. They promise to update this on a regular basis, with this, passengers are encouraged to learn more.

New Lyft promo codes

This page is regularly updated so as to ensure passenger’s money are saved. There are some new codes which the passengers are likely to love for their next ride. They are two;


This is the code which is giving new drivers access to some huge sign on bonuses which is being offered to all new drivers. The driver’s promotions are worth $ 750 in maximum. They are good in many different cities. This is a great promotion for drivers to check out.


This promoLyft 2 code is a new user coupon code which gives riders credits on their personal account for up to $ 50. This is a new web hosting company which at some time partnered with lyft. The credit is so good for the user. The promo code is available in various cities. One can either enter individual coupon with the Lyft App after downloading the App.

When the promotions hit individual’s account, one is going to receive 1st free ride on the house. The two are the two promo codes found so far. More are going to be added to the lyft promo code guide. In the meantime, people should enjoy the 2 for up to mid-2016

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